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The best messages in the world are useless if they're not channeled and announced properly.

A well-structured press program ensures that your products find their way into the hands of respected industry analysts and key online and print business and trade publications. 

Stratagem has built influential relationships with the press and analyst community for years and we know how to package your message and deliver in a way that gets coverage:

  • We're experts at developing messages, communications strategies and story lines
  • We have the tools and experience to identify the right editors and analysts and get you in front of them in a way that results in coverage
  • We develop a winning communications strategies and programs

Stratagem uses the latest tools to identify editorial calendars and develop targeted lists of editors and writers who cover your product area. We create compelling press materials and pitches based on your unique differentiation. And we launch aggressive campaigns for taking your message to the press while giving you the latest in media training. 

Our unique experience with the leading technology analyst groups means that you'll walk into briefings and paid relationships with a full understanding of how to best leverage these important industry groups. We'll prepare you for briefings, follow-up with analysts and make sure that you're communicating with them in the right way. We'll even help you negotiate the right paid relationship with analyst groups so you get maximum value from your budget.